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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas cards

You know...I LOVE to write cards...I LOVE to write letters...What a great time of year Christmas is for me ;)
Now.... I have to be honest and say that there have been many years that people got their "new years" cards in the mail because I couldn't seem to get it together enough to actually GET my Christmas cards in the mail on time....but I AM getting better at it and eventually, everyone on my list will get them BEFORE Christmas.
The only thing I like better than sending out mail is....GETTING MAIL!! I'm even happy to get junk mail :) Crazy...I know!! But there is what is rapidly becoming a lost art in writing REAL letters.
Stationary...cards....stamps...post cards....stickers....
Heaven! I tell you.....Pure heaven!
I'm not big into scrap-booking, but I fear that if I ever started making my own cards and writing paper - I may not come back from the edge :)
So......here's the challenge..
send me your mailing address - I'll zip you a "letter from paradise"!
Who knows what you'll get - maybe a drawing from one of the kids, maybe a "Fabulous Florida Keys" postcard!
Then...you'll see how fun it is to get mail!
Holiday Blessings to you!!!

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