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Thursday, October 16, 2008

"You gotta have heart"

miles and miles and miles of heart...sing it with me ;)
Lately I've noticed that those who are happiest, those who are "complete" are the same ones who are doing what ever they do...with HEART!
You know - all the "busy stuff" we do - if we did each and every one of those things with all our heart - even the little trivial stuff - think of how great it would all turn out!
Life is so busy that we overcommitt - we over-stretch and over-work until we have become so divided that nothing brings us joy!
If we could look at each and every thing we do and think "Okay - just ME and GOD"
That drive to work - That song in Church - that "committee" - that weekend of plans.
If we did it just for God - I have a hunch that everything else would fall into place.
And - while I've got ya thinkin - what if.... If we're too busy to enjoy all the things we've been blessed with - who does that glorify? How could that possibly make us anything but overactive,spoiled brats in the kingdom :)
So - for today - or maybe just for the next say....two hours - I challenge you to say "just ME and GOD" and make everything you do with your whole heart... just for HIM!
You gotta have heart.........

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