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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kidney stones or Medical mystery?!

Well - it was a truly Memorable Memorial Day Weekend for our family!
After heatstroke in the middle of last week - it seemed like "DAD" got kidney stones - Yippie a trip to the emergency room on a holiday weekend - UGH!!
The scan reported no stones, so they gave him antibiotics and pain meds (that make him sick) and sent him home to see someone on Tuesday - Well - no one gets you in that quickly!! So it IS Tuesday (after a VERY LONG WEEKEND) and NO doctor appt. yet. Tomorrow hopefully!!!
Everyone we work with/for has been kind, but want to get their projects done, so that just is a bit more pressure to "hurry and get better" or "go to work sick"
I think after seeing the whole "excrutiating pain" thing - I'd rather give birth :)
Keep us in your prayers!!

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