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Friday, April 18, 2008

Crabby ole me

Yep that's me today! Unbelievable crapola day today! After "surprise" dental work 2 days ago, a bad reaction to the med's they gave me and face and jaw pain to write home about....today actually is worse!
I went to run errands - the car overheats
I went to get Mc. D's for the 2 boys - the line is 8 cars long and I don't dare overheat my car again...."sorry boys"
I can't seem to do things fast enough, good enough, "right" enough and now...I just don't care ;)
So - I'm gonna have a cuppa tea...take an advil (or 12) and gear up for the inevitable argument that's gonna happen when anyone asks "what did you do today?"
Grrrr....just a quick note from crabby ole me :)

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