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Monday, April 14, 2008

Beautiful day!!

Well - today has been just a beautiful day! And to tell the truth - I haven't been outside too much!
Today I've rcvd. e-mails from friends and loved ones and it makes my heart happy.
Today I've cleaned (yuck ;)areas of the house that needed it and it makes my life easier.
Today I've taken just a moment to write on my blog - and it makes me smile.
If you haven't had a beautiful day - I'm sending you mine - I CAN share well with others ;)
I send you love, blessings and smiles..
along with many many (((hugs)))
My challenge to you as you recieve all those things I'm sending your way...
accept them!
Think of 3 things that make you truly blessed (I'll bet you could think of many more...but start with three!)

Here's my 3:
1)The doodles (the nick name for my two youngest boys who are constantly into some kind of mischief)
ALL my kids really of course - who are usually into something or another too while I'm thinking about it...hmmmm.j
2) my hubby - Who I'll blame for any children misbehaving - we all know it couldn't be my fault :) (I love it here in blogger world where I am queen of my own little world tee hee)Who really must love me cause there's alot of days when I'm not seeing things as beautiful..........
3) My church - this is an extension of our own family. One that grows every day.
We feel truly blessed to be a part of it!
If you ever get to the keys - go to Burton - the church in the curve - it's great! You won't be disappointed..

So - those are my 3
What are yours?

P.S. enjoy the stuff! :)

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