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Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Room for us all...

I love to sing...have I ever said that before? :) In the last 20 minutes?:) It brings so much joy to my soul that I imagine that I was one of those singing angels while waiting to be born :)and I have no doubt that is how I will spend eternity - It would be truly HEAVEN!
But some people do not like to share. I LOVE our church and our choir, but there are those few who want to sing ALL the songs and literally kick their feet and scream when anyone else want's to!
Is it change? I know that I myself am not fond of change! (Even though I pray for it in various ways...and then wonder why God didn't just give me my WANTS instead of my NEEDS)
Is there a way to approach "sharing" with these people, or is it just better to leave well enough alone?
As the LEAST competetive person on the planet...I am inclined to just step back, shake my head in wonder and go somewhere to sing Karaoke! But I am concerned with people being worried about their "position" with what is supposed to be done for God. - I guess Jesus would understand though - He dealt with the pharisees!
AHHH - so much is done for the right reasons with the wrong heart.....
I guess I'll ponder on it awhile....any suggestions?

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