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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Well...another day...another...day!

Had a BIG withdraw from our ck. account I forgot about - oy! Yeah - that always makes the hubby happy NOT!
Today was just one of those days where you just think...how long till it's over :)
You know, one of those day's where you feel totally useful if that means washing laundry (I swear all this isn't dirty...how can folded clothes in the laundry hamper be dirty boys?!!!) Sweeping the floor (then making the fatal mistake of giving the little boys (my orangutans) rice for lunch - yeah...here I go to sweep again...)
Dishes - those evil objects that only reproduce when dirty - never when clean.
Vaccuming the blasted blue rug- why oh why did I think a dark blue rug would be a great idea? (perhaps the fact that our k-mart only had dark blue rugs available and I'd rather take a beating than go to the mainland...)
Yes - here I go to vaccume again...I just know that my dearly loved man of my dreams will come home and make the very unwise statement that it looks like nothing got accomplished here today. At that point - I think I'll just hand him the checking account info and go to bed :) Would it be wrong to drink right before bed or is that optimal timing :)
Cheers! :)

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