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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Hmmm....still thinking

Well, I have that feeling that change is in the air....You know, where you wake up and decide..hmmmm....maybe we need a dog. Maybe we need to start a new hobby...maybe I should get up at 4am like a certain blogging friend of mine :) 4 AM!!! What would I do if I was up at 4AM??!! (maybe feed the new dog or work on the new hobby :)
I think I am a gypsy at heart.....too much of the same old same old makes me restless...itchy.....
Ahhh...so change is in the air :) I have been wondering...can you have chickens in the burbs? But then...what would I do with them? Eat eggs..yes, but for what I'd pay in feed bills, those would be very expensive eggs...Oh well - chickens wont be the next hobby...
Maybe I'll try the whole 4am thing and see what happens...(are you sure there even IS a 4AM?!)


Rachel said...

Got up at 3:30 today because I was too sick to sleep. Made some peppermint tea, started the coffee, turned off the light and sat in the recliner when Mooky woke up at 4 something. LOL. Then, he went back to bed, and I turned the lamp on and read my Bible and prayed. Hoped I could go back to sleep but couldn't... so I decided to straighten up the kitchen a bit and check emails.
Basically, I NEED to get up earlier than anyone else in order to have a peaceful quiet time with the Lord. Too many distractions otherwise, and when I get out of the habit of doing this, my whole day falls apart. Feels like I'm constantly spinning my wheels but never getting anywhere.
And we do go to bed early, all of us. Mooky as early as he can get away with, Erinn at 8, Kris and I no later than 9.
At this time of year, I go out to the barn immediately to check on expectant mothers and/or new babies before I sit down with my coffee and Bible.
Kris leaves for work at 5:45 AM so I need time to cook a nice filling breakfast as well. As soon as he leaves I go out and do the milking and feeding.
I just read a good post about "Coffee with God" here: http://heartofwisdom.com/blog/
You'll have to scroll down a ways to find it, I think.

legendaryabundance said...

okay - wow! That's a very busy day! I too read that same blog. I am praying alot about it....I am not a morning person, but maybe that's just my "self" and not how I truly should be!

Meggie Mom Fantastic said...

4am, bleck. I was semi-comatose at 7 when the hubs left for work but managed to drag my sorry butt up to catch up on email...er...plan my day. Was hoping it would be productive but it hasn't been. Methinks tomorrow I'll sleep until 8:30 and wing it ;)