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Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy NEW YEAR!!

So - it's 2008! I can remember being a kid in school trying to figure out how OLD we'd be in the year 2000. I just cringed at the thought that I'd be THAT OLD!!! Can you even imagine if I would have added 8 years? Well - here I am! :) On New year's eve/day I was kinda "bluezy" (my new self made word) I was somewhat overwhelmed at the fact that ANOTHER year was gone already!! I even went to bed EARLY!! I kept praying that I would just be "better" in 2008! Funny thing..I awoke exactly at 12:01 - and that NEVER happens....there wasn't any noise in the house, none outside...Just wide awake for "no reason" - but I felt good. Not groggy, not exhausted...good! This morning I awoke and felt...good! So...Thank You God - Officially it's 2008 and I know that it's already "better"!!! Now I have a million things racing through my mind about other ways to MAKE it better (I certainly don't expect it to all be handed to me ;0)Not just those silly new years resolutions that always are gone before you even have time to write them down....but goals. Something that step by step...can be accomplished.
So - it's 2008! Even though I'm THAT OLD +8 :)I am truly looking forward to a spectacular NEW YEAR!
That's what I wish for all of you too! :)

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