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Monday, December 17, 2007

What is possible?

I have found myself saying "That's not possible" for so many reasons. I have told my children that things out of our budget are "just not possible" that things out of our time-budget are "just not possible" and that things out of our comfort zone are "just not possible".
There is a verse that says "all things are possible with God".
I KNOW the verse
I KNOW the God
but do I truly believe it? Do I truly ACT on it?
I have been to events that have you "dream big". You know the ones where everyone is happy and energetic? The ones where they tell you to imagine there are NO LIMITATIONS - not money limitations, not time limitations. They ask you to see where you'd be....what you'd do. PEOPLE PAY BIG BUCKS FOR THESE CONFERENCES!!! To be reminded of exactly what God says in that one little verse.......
"All things are possible with God."
Maybe we as Christians need to begin acting like this verse hasn't been cut out of the Bible that we claim to believe.
Maybe we need to show that things that we've been conditioned to answer "that's just not possible" should begin by being answered with "All things are possible with God".
I KNOW my children would attempt more -
I KNOW I would attempt more.
Something to think about HMMMMM? :)


FourMileFarm said...

I am happy to see a new post from you! It is interesting that you brought this up just when I was rethinking my general response of "We cant afford it." Why do I always say that? Am I making my kids focus on a lack of money? What should I say instead? What did MY parents say to us when we were little? (I'll ask.) And although I strive VERY hard to teach thankfulness, and I AM very thankful for our many blessings, what more could I do to take the focus OFF what we cant afford?
Oops - sorry to write so much!

legendaryabundance said...

Oh boy do I know that one! I HAVE TO start saying - "Let's pray about it"
or maybe if I help them brain-storm on how we could save up for those "out of reach" items....
Oh my - a mom's job is never done :)

FourMileFarm said...

"Let's pray about it" is a GREAT response!