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Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Is the grass greener?

Well, is the grass really greener or does it just seem like it? I read homesteading blogs and I watch homesteading forums and I am amazed at what these people accomplish in a day.

These are people who have gardens, farms, milking animals (goats and cows). Some have their own business - soap making, jewelry making etc.. Some homeschool on top of all of that!

Suddenly, somewhere in my heart, I begin to long for a garden area.....perhaps a few chickens......land.............

This from someone with the WORST black thumb ever. I believe that I can make silk plants die. I don't really care for animals and RARELY go outside unless it's to go somewhere or go get the mail at the road.

So IS the grass greener? Or is it that old "Always want something different" thing that plagues us "women folk" with such simple things as hair do's and outfits - I say as I wonder just what I'll wear today and "WHAT WILL I DO WITH THIS MOP"..........OR is there something to this whole "getting back to basics"? Do you grow closer to God or just CRAZY BUSY?

Since my life seems crazy busy already and it consists of (but not limited to ;0)....being a wife.....2 businesses, homeschooling, church, choir, volunteering, parenting, homemaking, and right now blogging :) I would LOVE to hear some of your ideas on this...

I'll be watching :)

Blessings to you!!!


Rachel said...

No, the grass is not greener anywhere other than where God has you. He may be leading you to more of a "back to the basics" lifestyle and if so you will be able to do it through Him. He may just want you to stay right where you are, doing what you are doing. I dont know! ...We wanted to live like this for many years before it actually happened. Dont know if we would have come so far so fast in producing our own food, etc, if it hadnt been for health reasons. What a blessing that we lived out of the city already when we found out about Mooky's food allergies. We've only lived here for 3.5 years.

Kyria said...

As Rachel's sister, I can testify that God leads each of us to different lifestyles. I would love to live a more "homesteading" lifestyle, as Rachel does, but God has seen fit to bless me with a chronic illness that makes that impossible. I think perhaps that I would not have slowed down and focused on God if I had been allowed to do all I had planned. Being content in whatever circumstances God has placed us in is the key.
Kyria www.crossyr.blogspot.com