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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Great Christmas Ideas -

I get a LOT of e-mails but this one had some great ideas today about keeping the true meaning of Christmas. I especially like the following:

Three Wise Men = three giftsWe give our kids 3 presents for Christmas just as the Wise Men gave Jesus. Frankincense was burned before worship, so the gift is something that pertains to how the kids spend their time with God(a new worship CD, bible, devotionals, Family magazine). Myrhh was an annointing oil so the gift is something to annoint their bodies(fancy soaps, sparkly lotion, bathrobe, clothes). Their gold gift is the gift they've really been wanting (special toy, CD player, "big item"). You can take this even further and wrap the presents in special papers. The kids have enjoyed it, it sure helps mom's budget, and it passes the true story of Christmas in a hands-on way!

Any other ideas out there about keeping Christmas FUN but also keeping the real meaning?
Let me know?! I'll keep you posted with any new things I get!

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