Just a note to say Hello and "officially" welcome you to my blog.
You never know what you'll get here - some days laughter, some days tears. You may hear about mountains of dirty laundry or perhaps the craziness of 5+ kids.
"Ya just never know!" But I'm sure glad you stopped by..and I invite you to kick back, grab a cuppa coffee and see "what's up with that crazy family in the south"

Monday, November 19, 2007


After 22 years and 5 kids, I find myself wondering what my "identity" is other than the word
"MOM" yelled slowly and spread out over a full minute. Each day I wake up with the best of intentions - scheduling, EXERCISE, quality time with each of the kids, weight loss, housekeeping, home based business, construction company office work, homeschooling and being a wife.
By the end of the day I am an exhausted, overweight, unscheduled frazzle!
I know that I will start it all again tomorrow. For now, I will be MOM. For now, I will be "Babe". For now, I will attempt to slow down, enjoy my life more than stress over it and when all else fails I will sing. ---- Someday I will be known for that.....


Kyria said...

Welcome! Share with us the wisdom God has given you.

FourMileFarm said...

Now, how did KYRIA manage to find this blog way back on Nov 20, and I had to wait to get a link to it from legendaryabundance herself? Oh wait.... you found my blog through Kyria's blog? Now, I am really confused, but that's nothing new!

Kyria said...

I don't know how she found your link, but I found her through a comment you made either on the Four Mile Farm blog, or on the Gluten For Punishment blog.

FourMileFarm said...

How funny. So, we still don't know who you are legendaryabundance. ;o)
Sure do enjoy your blog though!