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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

The holidays are closing in!!

Can you feel the pressure beginning to squeeze you? Squeeze your wallet? :)
Must be the Holidays again! Our family plans on doing an advent lesson beginning on the 2nd of Dec and going through the 23rd. We have always enjoyed having advent calendars and we're excited to have something else to direct our attention to the TRUE meaning of the holidays.
We also try to have family traditions - you know those "Set in stone" things that "have to happen" every year? :)
I am interested in hearing what your traditions are - something extravagant? Something simple?
We open one gift on Christmas eve, we ALWAYS have a HUGE breakfast on Christmas morning.... We check out the stockings last.....
These are just a few off the top of my head... I look forward to hearing what your family traditions are!
Blessings to you and yours!

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LookingUp said...

thank you for this time of reflection...

hmmmmmm, now lemme' see...

how 'bout the Raffi cd and yell-singing Frosty the Snowman at the top of our lungs!

... shaking my head on the 30th of Nov saying, "what happened? last i peeked, it was the middle of august and i thought, "it's too soon to start thinking of Christmas!"

... the annual question, "white or colored lights?"

... and the ever recurring argument about how much to trim off the tree before placing it in the stand (i have a funny story with this one!)

... ummmmmmm, dh and i sitting around Christmas morning sipping coffee and ... waiting... and ... waiting... for someone to get up... till finally we can't stand it and WE GO WAKE THE KIDS!

... and at least once a year i take an opportunity (in the dark w/only Christmas tree lights) to reflect on the past year, dream about the coming year... i usually end up in tears on this one!

... (sometimes) celebrating Channukah, each time learning more of the Holy Tree into which we've been grafted by the Grace of Y'shua

... trying out new traditions! Every year, someone has something new to bring to our celebration... what fun and freshness!

becki (who is a "lurker" on the FlKeys Homeschooler email loop, having been a member since its inception, despite our move "upstate" several years ago.