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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

enough is enough?

I am curious to know when "enough is enough". It is so easy to say what the "right thing to do" is....but it's not as easy to do it!
If you know someone who asks your opinion and then doesn't follow your "suggestions" aren't you supposed to love them anyways? Doesn't our Lord and Savior say 7x70?
So what makes people think it's okay to write someone off because they aren't just like them?
How often do "Christians" do things in the name of God that makes HIM groan and shake His head - KNOWING they're MISSING the WHOLE POINT!!!
Even when Christ was dying on the cross he didn't PREACH AT PEOPLE - and HE had the RIGHT to! He loved them - He loved ALL OF US.....and we certainly don't follow all of His suggestions.
It is close to Thanksgiving - so how 'bout we be thankful? Thankful that everyone is different - Thankful that God loves us all - Thankful that we always have the chance to KNOW when enough is enough - and CHOOSE to love way beyond that point.

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