Just a note to say Hello and "officially" welcome you to my blog.
You never know what you'll get here - some days laughter, some days tears. You may hear about mountains of dirty laundry or perhaps the craziness of 5+ kids.
"Ya just never know!" But I'm sure glad you stopped by..and I invite you to kick back, grab a cuppa coffee and see "what's up with that crazy family in the south"

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas cards

You know...I LOVE to write cards...I LOVE to write letters...What a great time of year Christmas is for me ;)
Now.... I have to be honest and say that there have been many years that people got their "new years" cards in the mail because I couldn't seem to get it together enough to actually GET my Christmas cards in the mail on time....but I AM getting better at it and eventually, everyone on my list will get them BEFORE Christmas.
The only thing I like better than sending out mail is....GETTING MAIL!! I'm even happy to get junk mail :) Crazy...I know!! But there is what is rapidly becoming a lost art in writing REAL letters.
Stationary...cards....stamps...post cards....stickers....
Heaven! I tell you.....Pure heaven!
I'm not big into scrap-booking, but I fear that if I ever started making my own cards and writing paper - I may not come back from the edge :)
So......here's the challenge..
send me your mailing address - I'll zip you a "letter from paradise"!
Who knows what you'll get - maybe a drawing from one of the kids, maybe a "Fabulous Florida Keys" postcard!
Then...you'll see how fun it is to get mail!
Holiday Blessings to you!!!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

"You gotta have heart"

miles and miles and miles of heart...sing it with me ;)
Lately I've noticed that those who are happiest, those who are "complete" are the same ones who are doing what ever they do...with HEART!
You know - all the "busy stuff" we do - if we did each and every one of those things with all our heart - even the little trivial stuff - think of how great it would all turn out!
Life is so busy that we overcommitt - we over-stretch and over-work until we have become so divided that nothing brings us joy!
If we could look at each and every thing we do and think "Okay - just ME and GOD"
That drive to work - That song in Church - that "committee" - that weekend of plans.
If we did it just for God - I have a hunch that everything else would fall into place.
And - while I've got ya thinkin - what if.... If we're too busy to enjoy all the things we've been blessed with - who does that glorify? How could that possibly make us anything but overactive,spoiled brats in the kingdom :)
So - for today - or maybe just for the next say....two hours - I challenge you to say "just ME and GOD" and make everything you do with your whole heart... just for HIM!
You gotta have heart.........

Friday, October 3, 2008


And the truth shall set you free....
We instill into our children many values. Truthfulness may indeed be one of the most difficult. In a world where there are so many "greys" so many "white lies" so many things ignored in the name of political correctness.
How can we encourage truthfulness in our youth when we don't practice it as adults?
This is no time for "do as I say...not as I do"
When someone stands up for what is right.....when someone tells the truth even though it will make them un-popular with others....when someone speaks for those who are too small to speak for themselves....we are OBLIGATED to stand begind them - to suppport them and applaud that they may indeed be exactly what every parent hopes for - they may be "better than us"

Monday, July 28, 2008

Merry Christmas in July!!

Well - it's 6 months away from Christmas - here's my question to you...
What does Christmas MEAN to you?
What is one of your finest Christmas memories?
What would be the ULITMATE family tradition to have for Christmas?
I'll post my answers later....first I want to see yours ;)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Live to ride? Naw....live to sing!

I want a biker looking shirt with notes on it that says "Live to sing".
Ever wonder what you want to be when you grow up?
A few weeks ago our pastor spoke about a rock song called "Wanna be a rock star"
Well - I may not be THAT much of a diva....although I must confess I kinda like the song :) .....but I think if there was a way to sing AND make money - Well - Bliss - pure bliss.
You know....if there was just a way to get away with singing on a daily basis....heck that would be fine too :)
I've always heard the jokes about musicians always being broke - I think now it's because they just don't mind the money - they just LOVE the music.
So --- the thought for the day is.........
If you could do anything..........(try to keep it clean :)and be independently wealthy............what would you choose to do? What do you love?
What would your biker shirt say?
"LIVE TO....................?"

Sunday, June 1, 2008

never neverland

I can remember a time in my life when crisis was present and I HATED to go to sleep. (Had a hard time sleeping - but hated to even try to sleep) You know the feeling - that "never neverland" feeling "somewhere between asleep and awake" when you are happy - just blissfully peaceful - but then...as you start to REALLY wake up - everything you are going through - RUSHES back at you and hits you like a ton of bricks.
I am NOT at one of those points in my life - but I have been there - you have probably been there once or twice yourself!
It just upsets me when things can still get to me.
I've never been a big fan of surprises - positive or negative.
So when my past seems to get thrown up at me...it's like a poorly timed
surprise! Does it just keep getting thrown up till you learn to deal with it?
Is it that Satan waits till things are going great and want's to throw you off track so he makes sure the most unexpected happens at the most inopportune times?
So - how do you let it go? How do you let it all roll off your back?
Any great ideas?
Id love to hear them :)
Till then - I'll work through it - and just "let it go"
for now :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Kidney stones or Medical mystery?!

Well - it was a truly Memorable Memorial Day Weekend for our family!
After heatstroke in the middle of last week - it seemed like "DAD" got kidney stones - Yippie a trip to the emergency room on a holiday weekend - UGH!!
The scan reported no stones, so they gave him antibiotics and pain meds (that make him sick) and sent him home to see someone on Tuesday - Well - no one gets you in that quickly!! So it IS Tuesday (after a VERY LONG WEEKEND) and NO doctor appt. yet. Tomorrow hopefully!!!
Everyone we work with/for has been kind, but want to get their projects done, so that just is a bit more pressure to "hurry and get better" or "go to work sick"
I think after seeing the whole "excrutiating pain" thing - I'd rather give birth :)
Keep us in your prayers!!